What happens in a hypnotherapy session?

Firstly we will have a chat about whatever it is that you want help with.  We'll look at things like, 'What helps?', 'What makes it worse?', 'When did it start?' (if appropriate) and many other things. We'll then talk through options and I'll invite you to allow your mind to go on what is usually a quite pleasant imaginary journey.


Will I lose control?

No. It's actually a way for you to gain more control over yourself.  If, while in a hypnotic state, something were to happen which required your full conscious attention, you would naturally return to normal consciousness.


Will I remember it all?

Probably.  Usually, at least for the first session, the conscious mind likes to hang around a bit to see what's going on (and making sure I'm not getting you to cluck like a chicken!) However, it is also quite common, particularly as you become more comfortable with the process, for your conscious mind to drift off and leave you to it.


Can anyone be hypnotised? Aren't some people more susceptible? (and does that mean they are weak?)

Yes, yes and no. Some people do find it easier to enter a hypnotic state than others, but it's not really known why this is; possibly because they are particularly good at using their imagination, or are comfortable trusting others, or maybe they could be more curious. However, entering a state of hypnosis is something that can become easier and happen more quickly the more you do it.


How long are sessions?

This differs a little for every person, but your first session involves a detailed discussion and will probably last 75 - 90 minutes, possibly a little longer. Subsequent sessions are usually between 60 and 75 minutes.


How many sessions will I need?

Again, everyone is different and it will depend on the issue we are working on.  Some phobias and simple issues can be dealt with in 1 or 2 sessions; more complex, deep rooted ones may take longer.  On average people come between 4-6 times.


Where are you based?

I work from locations in Earlsfield, Clapham and Central London.


In certain circumstances I can do home visits, provided that you have somewhere suitable with no interruptions.


How much does it cost?


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