Don't worry, you're not going to be clucking like a chicken!


Hypnosis, trance - all sounds a bit weird and mystical doesn't it?  Actually it's a naturally occurring state, which you pass through pretty much twice a day - when you are waking up and when you are falling asleep...and possibly at other times too - when you daydream, or if you get engrossed in a film, that's a light trance state.


Imagination and emotions - these are the language of your subconscious mind.


And if 'subconscious' sounds a bit woolly and unimportant, imagine we had to consciously remember to breathe, keep our heart pumping, salivate, sweat and keep producing all the various hormones, in the right amount, which keep us functioning every day. If that were the case, I, for one, would be in trouble.  Thankfully our subconscious mind takes care of all that.  However, while it always wants what's best for us, sometimes it makes a connection or association which is unhelpful to us (for example a big dog, however friendly, up close to a toddler's face could lead to a fear of all dogs).


This is where hypnotherapy comes in - by entering a hypnotic state, your conscious mind can get out of the way a bit and your subconscious (the real decision maker) is more available and open to take on positive suggestions for change.


So what can it help with? The list is endless, but a few common issues are:

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* Anxiety    

* Depression

* Sleep problems  

* Weight management

* Unwanted habits

* Stopping smoking

* Increasing confidence

* Motivation

* Blushing

* Pain control (with doctor's permission)

* Phobias

* Fear of public speaking

Also, it's not just for when things are going wrong; it can also help you improve what's working - boosting sport performance or enhancing your professional life.


And much, much more; if your issue isn't listed here, do get in touch - I'll happily offer a 20 minute free consultation over the phone or Skype to see whether hypnotherapy is right for you.

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I really benefited from hypnotherapy with Saffron. She helped me to build my self confidence, to think more positively and to make the right response to difficult situations. She gave me a personalised recording and taught me visualisation techniques to reinforce this. I have recommended Saffron to my friends.

Steve Steele – Programme Manager, TfL