In a rut?  


Not sure of your next move?  


Feeling stuck?


Or maybe you know exactly what you want and could use some help getting there?


If you prefer a more active approach to addressing your challenges, then maybe life coaching is the way forward for you.


It can help you:

* increase motivation

* Set and achieve your goals

* Improve confidence

* Enhance creativity

* Overcome obstacles

* Improve relationships - both professional and personal


We'll have a series of sessions - these could be face to face or over Skype or on the phone.  I'll encourage you to look at things from different view points and will help you figure out how you get from 'here' to 'there', and, indeed help you to check whether that's really what you want.  There may be visualisations or practical activities and I'll give you some exercises to practice between sessions, inspiring you to keep fully engaged in your own solutions.


I'll help you to get the most out of yourself.

      Saffron Miller - Life Coaching

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