"Saffron was a revelation. I went to her about issues with sleep - I have always slept badly from childhood. In just two sessions she showed me exactly how helpful hypnotherapy can be, managing to assist greatly with the speed I fall asleep at night, as well as giving me practical ways I can help myself. Her gentle, kind but fuss-free way of working is fantastic. Thanks Saffron!"

B. Owen - Personal Assistant


“I had a hypnotherapy session to enable me to better control my blood pressure as I am a “White coat syndrome” sufferer. When attending the Doctor or hospital appointments, I have found that if I “visualise” the technique it helps me to relax in these situations which has had a most positive benefit; I can now maintain my blood pressure within healthy limits.”

P.R. - Civil Servant


"From an early age, I have always bitten my nails. Sometimes I would do it without even realising it. Mostly down to nerves, I guess. I tried everything to stop it but nothing worked. And then I tried Hypnotherapy with Saffron. It only took one session and it was amazing, as I no longer have the urge to bite my nails. I wouldn’t have believed this was possible if I hadn’t seen the evidence of my own nails!"

Eddie Coleman – Writer


"A huge thank you to Saffron. Her understanding and professionalism has help me immensely. She explained the benefits of hypnotherapy and guided me towards a better me, gaining confidence and self esteem. I will continue to use these techniques that Saffron has taught me and I highly recommend her to you."

Eddie Castle – Radio Presenter


"I really benefited from hypnotherapy with Saffron. She helped me to build my self confidence, to think more positively and to make the right response to difficult situations. She gave me a personalised recording and taught me visualisation techniques to reinforce this. I have recommended Saffron to my friends."

Steve Steele – Programme Manager, TfL


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